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Camera Girl

Camera Girl

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The inspiring life story of Fleet Street’s first female photographer.
With a compelling mix of real-life dramas including a marriage in crisis, children to support, impending financial ruin and bereavement, while managing a challenging career as Britain’s first ever female national newspaper photographer, Doreen Spooner’s life has been extraordinary.

Through the now familiar dilemmas of ‘living in sin’, working mum’s guilt, a male dominated workplace, socially acceptable roles for women and a growing celebrity culture, Doreen is a true pioneer.
Fast-paced, creative, noisy and very exciting – the newsroom of a national newspaper is not for the faint-hearted, nor usually for a woman. But Doreen Spooner – the first staff ‘camera girl’ on Fleet Street, found herself at the centre of news and culture in London through the Swinging Sixties. After picking up a career that had started in the 1940s, she went on to capture key events and personalities, while also juggling tormenting issues in her personal life.

Doreen’s memoir brings you right into the heart of popular culture and news through some of the most exciting times in history, while telling the all-too-familiar story ofa woman balancing family expectation, a stormy personal life and a successful career.

Leaving her children and domestic dramas at the front door each day, Doreen entered a world of political scandals, glamorous superstars and cultural sensations – shooting stars by day, cooking fish fingers by night. It’s an uplifting and touching story, and a hugely enjoyable portrait of postwar Britain.

Front-page scoops, royal indiscretions, stroppy celebrities – they’re all part of Doreen’s unforgettable, and beautifully photographed, journey.

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